We have no idea what noises dinosaurs made when they existed but “rawr” is the most famous one. Rawr means ‘i love you’re in dinosaur they say, tell that to all of their victims (other dinosaurs or animals).


Can dinosaurs swim?

I’m not very knowledgeable about the dinosaurs that lived in the water but they have existed. The dinodaurs the lived in the ocean may be the biggest mysteries to us considered that we haven’t explored much of the ocean. For all we know they could still exist because the depts of the ocean is a mystery to us. There could be up to thousands of undiscovered animals that are down there.

What did dinosaurs eat?


The answer is simple. The same thing animals today eat which includes each other or plants. There were dinosaurs that hunted each other, some that ate the dead bodies of others, and some that just ate plants. Just like politics! Could you imagine animals of their size fighting against each other for survival? It would have been a great thing to see, at least in movies anyways. The animals of today would have no way of competing with them.

The home of dinosaurs

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Where did Dinosaurs live? Well the obvious answer is earth. They did in fact live on the same planet as us but they lived on a much younger Earth than we did. Back when there was only 1 continent called Pangaea. When all the continents were once a single these giant creatures roamed it. How do we know this? Fossils of dinosaurs have been found in every continent and other proof too like footprints.

The Pangaea is quite interesting, if it were like that today we wouldn’t really need boats and we would all be close together, fun right? If dinosaurs lived as we do with the continents split the the only dinosaurs that would have access to other continents would be those that fly or that could swim. Different species would probably be in a specific continents that they’re best adapted to. 

The birth of Dinosaurs

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The Dinosaur era began in the Triassic period which was about 231.4 million years ago. They’re exact origin is not known yet but birds are the only surviving descendants to survive the extinction.

Just imagine the world if dinosaurs still roamed the world today. You may imagine panic and disaster but consider this; after millions of years and several evolution’s they evolve into something almost as familiar as us. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Other beings with a very high potential of being as smart as us.

First blog post

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Imagine a fantasy world with hundreds of different species of magical creatures just roaming about in the world. Creatures like nothing you’ve ever seen before, some being as small as a chicken and others being 3 times as tall as a giraffe. Well although not magical, creatures like these do exist and they’re called Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are some of the most fascinating creatures of earth’s past and because they were earth’s past we can and are learning a lot from them.