The death of dinodaurs.

Some think that dinosaurs died because of a meteor that crashed into the earth, some think they died out due to terrible weather conditions like volcanic activity, earthquake, and the ice age. Whatever the case it would take something very extreme to have gotten rid of all of these creatures. I personally have a feeling that some the may have lived deep in the ocean may still be alive.


Are there more dinosaurs that we haven’t discovered?

Considering that we haven’t explored much the earth I’d say so. There are many places that haven’t fully been explored like Antarctica, Alaska, and some tropical rainforest. Perhaps there are fossils of dinodaurs that haven’t been seen yet. Our past has many secrets that are yet to be discovered. I could imagine that scientist are still looking for extinct animals that have existed to learn more about them. The more we find the more we learn.


Imagine you’re in your home and just waking up. You go into the bathroom to see a dinosaur in there, you would definitely be terrified no matter who you are. Although magnificent these creatures are dangerous and could kill you.


It is possible to bring dinosaurs back through de-extinction and they probably already have because scientist are curious. As long as Jurassic park doesn’t happen everything will be fine. Unless.. the dinosaur becomes extremely smart and escpaes to clone itself, but that will never happen..ha ha.